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Juan Carlos Bagnell studied theater and dance in college, so of course his first job out of college was with a technology contractor supporting the Department of Energy. Coming from a family of engineers, and having a natural aptitude for tech hardware, Juan looked for a way to combine his artistic and tech endeavors, and found Voice Over production. He's been recording and directing for over ten years now, and has worked for Talent agencies, Casting Agencies, and production houses. He's recently started working on recording, editing, and mixing for short films and web content.
The creation of Movies You May Have Missed was another way to combine his passion for technology and art, and he's very appreciative of the people that are game to chat film!


 Having studied Computer Animation in college, Lee Buckley made his move to sunny Los Angeles in 2004 to pursue his lifelong dream: a career in restaurant hospitality. Having given up waitering as a pipe dream, he's fallen back on the entertainment industry. Lee has worked in production for over 2 years now, producing commercials, motion graphics, and title design. Having failed to adequately specialize, he also works as a camera operator, gaffer, and editor. Having a passion for short format films and other content, he still spends much of his spare time persuing personal projects. Now, at last, his love of film and the filmmaking process, and their consequent meaningless tangental rants, have an outlet at Movie You May Have Missed.

He also plays a mean Ukulele...


Movies have always been a passion of Marie Bagnell's, so when the idea for this project came along, she jumped at the chance to participate.Marie attended the University of New Mexico studying theater. Her studies in that department focused mainly on stage management. She has always been interested in the business aspects of the entertainment industry, so she also took classes in film, mass communication and media management. She moved to LA in 2005 and began working for a busy talent agency in their commercial division. After two and half years, she transitioned into casting and VO world. She is really enjoying her work producing for MYMHM and hopes to continue helping Juan and Lee in their endeavors.



Photos of Juan and Lee taken by Nadine Truong. Photo of "Delicate Desert Flower Marie" by Juan Carlos Bagnell.