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Movie Shout Outs - What single scene ruined... Replies!

It's Movie Shout Out Sunday Time again!

Yesterday's Question was:

What single scene ruined an otherwise awesome movie for you?

You guys had some GREAT replies for us!!!

When the Mother Abbess (played by Peggy Wood) sings "Climb Ev'ry Mountain" in The Sound of Music (1965) ...The style in which the song is sung just doesn't fit with the rest of the movie...
Yvonne via MYMHM comment

Telling my wife about a compositing flub I saw in a pivotal scene of (The Lord of the Rings): Return of the King (2003) ruined it for her. The big camera pull-back when Gollum is holding up the ring in triumph inside Mt. Doom. Watch his feet...slide...
J.S.Barrett via twitter

The scene in Star Trek (2009) where Uhura follows Spock into the lift, stops it, and offers her body to make him feel better. Uhura/Spock is actually an interesting idea, it was just poorly executed here.
Sarah W. via twitter

The last 10-15 mins of The Thirteenth Floor (1999).
Charles Y. via twitter

The frontal male nudity in Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008).
Ma Meatloaf via twitter

When John Wayne was shot in the back by Bruce Dern in The Cowboys (1972). It ruined the whole movie for me. I knew he had to die to "make the young kids men," but not like that. I hated that.
Gary L. via email.

The mother/daughter talk in Mystic River (2003).
K.C. via twitter

The scene near the end of Munich (2005) where the Eric Bana character is having sex with his wife juxtaposed with the shootout between the German police and the PLO terrorist at the Munich airport. Don't know what Spielberg was thinking with that one.
Tony B. via email

1. The annoyingly condescending shot of the rat on the windowsill with the courthouse in the BG at the very end of The Departed (2006). Turned that film-for me- from a B+ into a C-.
2. The absurd and laughable titles at the end of Unbreakable (2000) telling us-in freeze frame- what happens to the various fictional characters in the future..... Turned that fucker from a C+ into a D for me.
P.G. via Facebook

The scene in Billy Jack 2 when a three or four year-old autistic boy finally speaks and then is shot in the back. I didn't see the need for that.
Lisa L. via email

The "rewind" scene from Funny Games (2007) completely ruined that film for me. Talk about heavy-handed...
Alex Lyons via twitter

Every scene Fat Bastard is in ruins Austen Powers 2 (1999). He just goes beyond "over the top" and it totally takes me out of the silly fun of the movie.
Marie from MYMHM

The last scene in The Last Samurai (2003).
Lee from MYMHM

I was very impressed with how dark Spielberg's War of The Worlds (2005) was. It truly was a fantastic survival/horror scifi flick, but EVERY time we get to the end of the movie, in a pristine Boston suburb, with Grandma clutching her pearls in the doorway (and they can't even invite Cruise's character in for something to drink) it drives me CRAZY! Add to that, there was NO CONSEQUENCE for the son running off into an inferno (at least give him a token headbandage or his arm in a sling to show us he learned something). This mega-happy ending completely RUINS an otherwise great scary movie.
Juan from MYMHM

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