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Move Shout Outs - First Foreign Language Film

It's Movie Shout Out Sunday Time!

Yesterday's question was:

What was the first film you saw that was NOT in your native language? AND did you like it?

Your responses - in no particular order:

Battle Royale (2000) was the first foreign language I ever saw and it was fantastic.

nikmortimer via Twitter

Mujhse Dosti Karoge (2002)! Hindi film, totally loved it. I only have two bollywood hits in my collection I need more. KamillyCIcon_lock via Twitter

I think it was Ran (1985), by Akira Kurosawa. And hell yeah I liked it. Who doesn't? Jeffrey K. via Facebook

La Haine (1995), was great, gave me ideas of how to rebel. Nebuchanezer via Twitter

I think it was Átame (1990) aka Tie me up tie me down, w/A.Banderas & V. Abril. Luved it & bina fan of them & Almodóvar's flicks eva since. SweetGwendoline via Twitter

Akira (1988). And I hated it. And I blame it entirely for it taking me so long to give Japan another chance. Kristen M. via Facebook

Black Orpheus (Orfeu Negro) (1959)-Awesome Brazilian take on the classic myth. The director infuses Carnival's energy in superbly! A must! THNK1st via Twitter

My Neighbor Totoro (1988) in the early 90's. I was 7. At the time, I was confused - why watch Japanese cartoons when I've got American ones? Kenzie20 via Twitter

First non-native language movie: Godzilla (1954) I must of been 6. shimoroka via Twitter

Probably Aladdin (1992). Still one of my favorite movies! Asma_Baig via Twitter

I'm gonna say it was Legend of the Overfiend (1989) mainly cause we thought it was just weird Japanese Porno. I did like it though. and not just for the porn elements. Michael F. via Facebook

First non-native language film? Do most of your followers skew young enough to remember that? Does English dubbed Godzilla (1954) count? Spazsquatch via Twitter

I think it was either Cinema Paradiso (1988), or Yojimbo (1961). Regardless, both are now among my favorite films of all time. alexlyons via Twitter

Cinema Paradiso (1988). LOVED it! Donna W. via Facebook
First film I saw not in my native language: If I remember correctly it was Battle Royale (2000), it was awesome. Super crazy movie. bryogenic via Twitter

Since I'm Lithuanian, I'm pretty sure my first movies must have been in Russian and then later English. So if we drop those two languages, I think the first foreign movie that I've watched was German Run

Lola Run (1998). Karolis via MYMHM Comment

I think it may have been Akira (1988). and of course I LOVED it. Brandon j. via Facebook

First foreign film I ever saw was a VHS Red Kiss (1985) French film.. Later watched White.. Part of the trilogy. Hooked on Julie Delpy :) DangerShoes via Twitter

El Mariachi (1992). My roommate in college showed it to me. I loved it! Of course, I immediately followed it with Desperado (1995). Marie from MYMHM

Vampire Hunter D (1985). Kinda scarred me for life, though I can appreciate it now. Juan from MYMHM

Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Movie Database.


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Reader Comments (1)

Has to be Herzog's Aguirre Wrath of God. Although I'd seen a few silents and foreign language films before, this dreamlike experience had me hunting down the director's other works and branching out to other European countries in search of more good stuff.

September 3, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterAidan Hughes

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