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Movie Shout Outs - Favorite Wedding from a Movie? - Responses


It's Movie Shout Out Sunday Time!

This week's question was in honor of a good friend getting married.

What is your favorite wedding scene from a movie?

We loved, honored and cherished your responses. Check them out below!

Can only be Four Weddings and a Funeral, with Rowan Atkinson
@DangerShoes via Twitter

Every wedding in The Wedding Singer
@kenzie20 via Twitter

Connie's wedding in 'The Godfather' is a pretty spectacular bit of film making (as is the party on Lake Tahoe in GF 2). Also, when Rowan Atkinson is the priest in 'Four Weddings & a Funeral'.
Scott H via Facebook

My in house movie consultant immediately suggested the one in While You Were Sleeping.
@lonelypond via Twitter

The wedding in The Sound of Music.
Lisa L. via email

I'm partial to several hilariuos wedding moments from "The Wedding Singer."
Melissa H. via Facebook

The one not in High Fidelity, because it wasn't one but led to great message about marriage. I wish I was John Cusack just once.
@Galaxy_Sailor via Twitter

One that always makes me laugh is the wedding scene in Sixteen Candles. Walking down the aisle after taking muscle relaxers is funny enough, but I also love how Ginny is trying to catch the rice in her mouth as she's leaving the church. One of the many great scenes in the movie.
Yvonne B. via Facebook

Saving Silverman.
Maria L. via email

A Series of Unfortunate Events. To my Supreeez, they haven't continued the series, well the children are older now.
@KamillyC via Twitter

The Runaway Bride
Bill R. via Facebook

The Graduate
Gary L. via email

Hmm....the entire film "Rachel getting married" I think the most perfect wedding film.
@carmelovalone via Twitter

Dudley Moore drunkenly screaming "SLUT??... SLUT!!" from the back of the church in 'Arthur' gets me every time! :D
Masasa M. via Facebook

Coming to America.
Michele R. via email

I love the scene in In & Out.
@hidama via Twitter

Do wedding receptions count? The one from Wedding Crashers, which introduced us to the very funny and scary isla fisher.
@muddi900 via Twitter

The kill bill scene was the first to pop in my head.
@PabloCortez via Twitter

The attempted wedding in 'Beetlejuice' is pretty fantastic.
@alexlyons via Twitter

Oh man! REALLY!?!?! No one picked the wedding scene from 'The Princess Bride'! Dibs! I get that one! "MEW-WAGE..."
Juan from MYMHM 

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