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Movie Shout Outs - What's Your Favorite Movie Theater Candy?

It's 101010, People! Which in binary is 42, which IS the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything....Okay, now that we got that out of our systems, it's also: MOVIE SHOUT RESPONSE TIME!


What's your favorite movie theater candy?

There was some debate, and some interesting (and odd) answers.  Check them out below:

Red Vines. Unfortunately most movie theaters only sell Twizzlers. So not the same.
Yvonne via MYMHM comment

Milk Duds
Mitch W via Facebook

Pods. Delicious and crunchy and the bag lasts /ages/.
@sohumb via Twitter

What fits in my pocket.
Ed R via Facebook

popcorn and milk duds. together.
@gothamite66 via Twitter

I'm East Coast on this one --Twizzlers!
Kristyn B via Facebook

I'm a popcorn girl, but I have to have Cherry Coke. It's how I was "trained" - my dad always got it when my sis and I were little.
@Kenzie20 via Twitter

Raisinettes. With popcorn is a good combo. :)
Jeff E via Facebook

mint chocolate cookie dough or BLACK liquorice for the theater snack win!
@thedarkhours via Twitter

Dude sour patch kids with some super buttery/salty popcorn=winsauce. Bring Bacon salt to the movies next time too and put it on the popcorn.
Daniel O via Facebook

has to be popcorn and it has to be salty not sweet
@Nebuchanezer via Twitter

I go with the Milk Duds and popcorn (with "butter") combo and a large Coke. Not Pepsi. Coke. If they are a "Pepsi Establishment", then I do fruit punch or Sierra Mist... Luckily, most theaters have Coke. Kinda OCD with the snacks...
Nickie B. B. via Facebook

Any snack that's quiet. I'm tired of hearing plastic bags crunching and candy rattling in boxes, so Popcorn in a small round tub :)
@JeremiahHisel via Twitter

I don't like eating candy in movie theaters anymore, but I used to love Whoppers. I threw them at people. Poor bald guy got hit three times during The Two Towers. Oops.
Angie P via Facebook

My favorite would have to be jujubes. Normally I'm a choco-fiend, but I love chewing indefinitely on those while watching a movie. :)
@andrewski via Twitter

definitely goobers.
Danielle K via Facebook

Tropical Mike & Ikes are my go-to movie candy. But if I need chocolate, mini Charleston Chews. YUM.
Leslie N via Facebook

Sweet Tarts and Coke.
Brigitte B via Facebook

I'm with Jeff on this -- Raisinettes. But a box of Sweet Tarts is also in the running...
Purse Dogtv via Facebook

Andrew T via Facebook

Charleston Chews!
Stacey L via Facebook

Traditionally, Milk Duds, but now we occasionally are forced by the limited selection to sneak in high end dark chocolate.
Michelle D. N. via Facebook

i already love going to laemle theaters. but i love them even more because they sell jordan almonds. yeah, im a dork. but im ok w/that. haha :)
Rick C via Facebook

TWIZZLERS! hands down!
Alexander D via Facebook

In high school I went for Red Vines (Sorry, Kristyn! :)) and Dr. Pepper. It was a like a ritual. If a place only had Mr. Pibb, I would have coke instead, but I wouldn't be thrilled about it. These days I go for Diet Coke. I know. :)
Marie from MYMHM

Gotta go with an alternating combo of Popcorn and Sour Patch kids. Sort of a Sour+Savory+Sweet punch in the face...
Juan From MYMHM

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