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Movie Shout Outs - Favorite Film showcasing NYC

It's that time again! Juan and Marie just got back from NYC, so we wondered:

What is your favorite film that showcases NYC?

You can respond by commenting here, sending us an @ reply on Twitter or checking out our Facebook fan page


 "I'm back...back in the New York Groove"


Movie Shout Outs - Who is Your Favorite Film Dad?

It's that time again!  Sunday is Father's Day so we decided to make this one easy:

Who is your favorite film dad and why?

You can respond by commenting here, sending us an @ reply on Twitter or checking out our Facebook fan page


 "Papa can you hear me"


Friday Fun: @WWonka666's Thirty Second Review of Prometheus

So if you follow me here, on Twitter, on Facebook, or on Google+, then you should know by now how much I hated Prometheus. I hated it. A lot. 

In the interest of fairness, I though I'd let friend and fan of our show @WWonka666 give us a positive review of the flick. Thankfully he shoots his reviews on Keek. I think 30 seconds is about all the praise I could handle for this film...

Jun 9, 2012 | Wonka's 30 Second Movie Review. Episode 76: "Prometheus" (2012) by Wonka_Zer0 on


I will agree though that Prometheus is a gorgeous looking film, and none of my complaints with it had anything to do with the cast, production design, art direction, makeup, special effects, or score.


156: Rapid-Fire Fan Suggestions! 

Well, it has been a crazy three years.  And we certainly could not have gotten to 156 episodes without all the fan suggestions.  We truly thank you for keeping the show going this long, but we know we didn't cover all the suggestions you made.  So as we prepare to take a long-term hiatus, we thought we'd try to run through a few more.  

Without further delay, watch as we TRY to cover all the films you suggested....

Stay tuned to this channel during the hiatus for more content - but in the meantime: THANK YOU FOR WATCHING and Have fun watching some movies!


Talking about Daybreak: An AT&T Original Webseries

On a blustery LA evening, we had the pleasure of sitting down with writer/producer Tim Kring, director Jon Cassar, and Senior VP of Marketing at AT&T Esther Lee to discuss the challenges of producing the 2012 web series 'Daybreak'. 

Watch Daybreak at:

Many thanks to Jeb Brilliant at The Mobile Perspective for shooting video and helping me interview these media creators!