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Prometheus: The Most Gorgeously Produced Film About Intelligent Design That I Never Wanted to See

Sufficed to say, this review will have many spoilers. Please do not read this review if you have not seen the film and are sensitive to plot reveals. You have been warned.

I do not relish giving negative reviews of films, but let’s get this out of the way right now:

I hated Prometheus.

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Movie Shout Outs - What Childhood Favorite Film Doesn't Hold Up?

It's Movie Shout Out time! You know those movies that you LOVED as a kid, but when you watched them again as an adult, they just...didn't hold up?  Share with us:

What childhood favorite film doesn't hold up now that you are an adult?

You can respond by commenting here, sending us an @ reply on Twitter or checking out our Facebook fan page


 "You can never go home again"


Friday Fun: SPOILERS With Kevin Smith

I really like shows which take a twist on film reviewing. If you've followed us at all, then you would know we care far more about film commentary than we do about arbitrary scores. Smith's new show SPOILERS on HULU takes a fun step towards the kind of discussions we like to have immediately after watching a film with friends. 

Smith is an engaging story teller, and does a good job leading discussion around his audience. I do hope the show doesn't descend into a collection of "regular joes" trying to out-joke each other, but this first episode is promising. Also of note, Carrie Fisher is his special guest interview, so it's worth watching just for her (very frank) interview. 

If you'd like to join Smith for a movie outing, you can hit up the Spoilers site and throw your name in for a future review!


Juan is a Guest Host on TimeyWimeyTV - Talking 'Men In Black III'

I always have a fun time geeking out with the Liz and Rudy at TimeyWimeyTV. This visit, Casey McKinnon and I were guests to discuss a variety of sci-fi, time travel, Doctor Who news, and we spent a little time talking about 'Men in Black III'

We'll be shooting a special interview with Liz and Rudy soon. If ANYONE can school me on some time travel films it should be these two!

Episode 40: Men In Black 3, Hitler and Comics!


155: Rapid-fire Film Showdown!

It's our penultimate episode (second to last) before our extended hiatus, so we thought we'd talk about several of the films that we always wanted to talk about, but never got the chance to before.

Which of these films are on YOUR list?

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