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138: More Nazis? - Double Feature! "Kelly's Heroes" & "The Desert Fox: The Story of Rommel"

Juan and Lee like to compete....So they each decided to bring a WW2 movie.  Predictably, Juan brought a black and white film and Lee brought a more modern film - but these two films ended up working really well today.

Kelly's Heroes is about a group of soldiers who are trying to steal some Nazi gold...AND IT HAS CLINT EASTWOOD IN IT!

The Desert Fox: The Story of Rommel is about, well, Rommel.  But it's starring James Mason.  Which means: Let the Eddie Izzard Impression of James Mason impressions begin!

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128: New Mexico Double Feature! - 'Ace in the Hole' and 'Sunshine Cleaning'

You may or may not know that all of us here at MYMHM are from New Mexico (which IS a state in the union for those of you who weren't totally sure).  So this week we thought we'd bring you a couple of films that were filmed AND take place in our home state!

The first is older and ...less flattering about NM.  The second is newer and heartwarming.  Both are terrific films.  Check out our reviews below:


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121: Samurai Madness-Double Feature! 'Sword of Doom' and 'Ran'

It's stunning that we somehow got to episode 121 without covering Samurai films.  Well, we finally decided to rectify this sad situation!

Lee brought "Sword of Doom," which sounds like the most awesome Samurai flick ever!  And Juan got Shakespearean on us with "Ran."  Check out the review!

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113: Military Classics! - 'Seven Days in May' and 'The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp'

What does it say about our show when Juan picks a classic film from the 1960's in black and white, and Lee picks a film from the 1940's, but makes sure it's in color?

Not only that but they each not only picked a classic film, but a military classic. 

Let's take two very different looks at military service in cinema!

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85 - Happy Holidays from MYMHM and Jimmy Stewart

This week we review a WONDERFUL film that takes place during Christmas.

It stars a very young Jimmy Stewart, and is full of LIFE.

Do you know which film it is?

Nope, it's not that one...


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