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Entries in comedy (63)


154:Producer Marie's RDJ Double- Feature! "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" & "Chaplin"

After three years we FINALLY got Producer Marie to join us in FRONT of the camera.  So, of course she brings two movies that showcase her...ahem..appreciation of another man, Robert Downey Jr.  Watch us make her really uncomfortable (something we both excel at) while we chat about "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" and "Chaplin."

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148: More Dirty Ol' Men Double Feature - 'Paper Man' & 'Shopgirl'

Following the  popularity of our first Dirty Old Men double feature, we decided to take a second look at the phenomenon of May/December romances in indie film.

'Paper Man' and 'Shopgirl' are not the latest super heros fighting crime in Gotham.  They are the two movies we are covering this week.  And yes, you can see from the title that we are revisiting a theme we've visited before.  What is it about the "dirty old men" idea that has movie makers churning out scripts?

Well, at least with these two brilliant films, we've benefited from it.

Shopgirl is a quietly lovely film about a young girl whose affections are fought over by two men.  The mature, dapper Steve Martin and the young, feckless Jason Schwartzman.  See, you're dying to see it already.

Paper Man is about a middle-aged writer played by Jeff Daniels, who refuses to grow up.  In fighting his writer's block he forms an interesting friendship with a teenager.

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146: Sketch Comedy Movie Double Feature - "Wet Hot American Summer" & "Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy"!

Is this week's episode just because Juan watched a "Kids in the Hall" marathon on Netflix?  Certainly not! Ahem...Or not ONLY just because of that.

This week we give some love to two comedies that feature the casts of a couple of terrific Sketch Comedy shows: SNL and Kids in the Hall.  

Wet Hot American Summer features a who's who cast of brilliant comedians, many of whom you've watched on SNL.  It's a send-up of all those summer camp films where everyone just wants that ONE romantic night.

Shockingly, Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy features the cast of, well..."Kids in the Hall."  I know...We're shocked too.  It's about what happens when someone invents an extremely powerful antidepressant called GLeeMONEX.  

Watch the episode to see why you show see these two fantastic films.

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145: Two dudes (Juan and Lee) discuss: 'The Pill'!

A couple of weeks ago Juan got to sit down with writer/director JC Khoury to talk about the making of his film The Pill.  Now Juan and Lee will tell you why you should see this gem, about a guy who really regrets his one night stand.

Check out the episode to hear about the brilliant cast, funny script and what Producer Marie gave a dubious award to.


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A Conversation With JC Khoury - Writer/Director of 'The Pill' 

JC was kind enough to drop by and chat with Juan about the release of his new indie RomCom 'The Pill' It's not often that you'll see two grown men sitting on a couch, chatting about romantic comedies and emergency birth control...

Follow JC on Twitter: @ThePill_Movie

See the Trailer!

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