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Entries in crime (24)


151: Foreign Action Double Feature! "Elite Squad: The Enemy Within" & "13 Assassins"

It's been way too long since we covered some good old-fashioned action films and FOREIGN action films for that matter.  So that's what we are headed for this week.  I'm SURE these films will take your mind off The Avengers...right?!

Elite Squad: The Enemy Within  is apparently a sequel, but that is something neither Juan nor Lee knew while watching the film and it didn't take away from it one bit.  Hailing from Brazil, this film is about a high-ranking security officer who stumbles upon a group of corrupt cops and government officials.

 13 Assassins is about a group of Samurai (13 of them!) who are brought together to kill an evil lord to prevent him from taking the throne.  

Action, Action, and MORE ACTION!  Check out our reviews! 

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150: 90's Dramas Double Feature! "Fearless" and "Insomnia"

150 Episodes!!  YEAH!  And we have a great bonus for you.  Along with our reviews of the two terrific films, we also are asking you to check out our interview with actress, Stephanie Erb, from the movie Fearless for even more insight into the film.

Fearless is yet another movie directed by Peter Weir (what is WITH Lee's obsession with that director?) and it is beautiful, tragic, and funny and it's starring Jeff Bridges!  The DUDE.  

We're also covering the orginal Insomnia, starring Stellan Skarsgard.  It's intense and engaging and we definitely see why they wanted to remake it.

 Check it out.  


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149: Not Comforting Titles Double Feature! "Safe" & "Trust"

So the words "Safe" and "Trust" should make you feel...well, safe and trusted... relaxed.  These two movies make you feel anything but those things.

"Trust" is about one of the biggest fears a parent has these days: that their child will be victimized due to online predators.  It's also about what happens after.  It stars Clive Owen and deserves more eyes on it.  

"Safe" is also about a fear, but maybe not one we think about too often.  What if you were sick and they couldn't figure out what was wrong?  And you just kept getting sick?  Julianne Moore goes through this in "Safe." And the guys feel that this film was somewhat ahead of its time.  

Check out our reviews, then watch these films!

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147: Revenge Double Feature - 'Dead Man's Shoes' & 'Jeremiah Johnson'!

That's right, folks.  It's time for some revenge.  This week we bring you a couple of films about men who take the law into their own hands with some...fatal results.  

The first is a film that Lee has been pushing us to cover for awhile, Dead Man's Shoes is about an irish solder who comes home and begins to punish the men in his town who tormented his younger brother.  It's brutal and intense and well-worth a watch.  

Jeremiah Johnson was directed by Sydney Pollack and stars Robert Redford.  Those two things enough almost guarantees a review from us, but it's also a really interesting tale of man who is drawn into a vendetta with a tribe of Native Americans, though war is the last thing he wants.  

Check out our reviews! 

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122: Hitmen Double Feature! 'Grosse Pointe Blank' and 'Wild Target'

Okay, so we're not totally clueless.  We know that very few of you missed 'Grosse Pointe Blank', but it actually didn't do that well in the box we really liked it!

With it, we bring you another one from across the pond, starring the brilliant Bill Nighy, 'Wild Target'

Check out our review of these two hitmen features!

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