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119: It's Finally Juan's Turn - Double Feature! 'The Great Debaters' and 'Bunny and the Bull'

It's been two whole weeks since Juan got to have a say in the flicks we covered!  The wait has been tortuous for him.

Now it's all him, baby!

He picked two film that...pretty much have nothing to do with each other, but are both gems in their own right.  Check out our reviews of "The Great Debaters" and "Bunny and the Bull."

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42 - 'Pontypool' Will Make You Eat Your Words!

So after reviewing Word Wars last week, we totally had words on the brain. What better to follow up a documentary on Scrabble than to jump in to a FREAKING WEIRD movie about word zombies?

Canadians come up with the oddest zombie flicks, so sit back and watch what you say, the "virus" is spread through understanding...

Direct episode download (200MB)

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Special thanks to fans Dale Lloyd and @Alexlyons for recommending this flick!


Our review caught the attention of Mr. Tony Burgess (the writer of Pontypool Changes Everything and the screenplay for the Pontypool film), and here's what he had to say about us!

best review of Pontypool I have heard yet.  The difficulty in `getting it', `liking it', even recommending it is supposed to be the pleasure. Especially the question over whether everything works or nothing works and the choices you have to make as a viewer to determine one over the other. It's a pleasure i look for when i hunt a specific kind of film and it was definitely something I thought while writing 'er.

so thanks for the awesome review. I don't normally pop in doctor thru a window style on reviewers but this was so good.

ciao T

Woot! He likes us! He REALLY likes us!


Our Twitter pal @shimoroka found the Pontypool Radio play ONLINE!!!

You can listen to it courtesy of the BBC!

Pontypool Radio Play


37 - Vampires Aren't Romantic in 'Shadow of the Vampire'

See I like it better when vampires are apex predators not hopeless romantics... Just sayin...

Shadow of the Vampire is an incredibly fun "what if" movie that does a great job of playing with history. Loosely chronicling the events surrounding the filming of the 1922 horror classic 'Nosferatu', Shadow asks "What if the guy playing the vampire REALLY WAS a vampire?" What results is a really touching examination of old versus new, and the creation of one of the most prima-donna actors in the history of cinema.


Direct episode download (170MB)

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We also have to extend a huge thanks to friend and fan Donna D. for suggesting this remarkable film, and keep an eye out for an MYMHM supplemental where we'll take a look at the original Nosferatu!




18 - We Challenge You to Watch 'The Five Obstructions'

In a move that I'm sure will shock many of our viewers after our review of 'Breaking the Waves', we've decided to go back to the well of Lars Von Trier for 'The Five Obstructions'

This is also our most contentious episode yet, while we both enjoyed the movie, we very much disagreed on Lars' role in the film.

Direct video episode download (200MB)
Direct audio episode download (18MB)


We're super excited to be partnered with Last Exit To Nowhere t-shirts, and we'll be giving away one shirt a week for five weeks. Do you want one of the coolest movie logo shirts around? Watch the episode to find out how you can win!


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