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153: Bad Sci-Fi Double-Feature! "Krull" & "Battle Beyond the Stars"

So, you know how the title of our show really tells you what it's about?  Well, no where in the title do we promise GOOD movies.  Case in point - THIS EPISODE.  Don't worry, we are still recommending these films, but we are celebrating them for their...bad-ness.

"Krull" takes place on another planet and we follow Prince Colwyn as he has to save his princess from a beast.

"Battle Beyond the Stars" is about a planet that when attacked, hires 7 mercenaries to protect it.  And Hannibal from TV's "The A-Team" is in it!!!

Check out our reviews below!

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Supplemental: Chatting Mythology, Vampires & Zombies with Crispin Freeman!

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with voice actor and mythology scholar Crispin Freeman.

When I found out he wasn't much of a zombie fan, it became mandatory for me to pepper him with questions about villain evolution!

That and I just really like talking about zombies... Like a LOT...  

Join us for an in depth discussion on heroes, villains, and monsters!

Can't thank Crispin enough for joining us, and if you're interested in learning more about voice acting check out Crispin's blog and podcast 'Voice Acting Mastery', and if you're interested in one of Crispin's mythology workshops head over to


115: Fan Requests Part One! - 'Even the Rain' and 'Enter the Void'

We definitely wouldn't have gotten to episode 115 without suggestions from you guys and we figured it has been way too long since we've covered some fan requests. 

BUT - there were so many great suggestions, that we couldn't decide on just two films, so for the next TWO episodes, we are covering a total of FOUR fan requests.

Starting out we have two gems for you, 'Even the Rain,' a political drama, and 'Enter the Void', an...experimental arthouse film.


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Episode 100 - We Return to the Film that Started Our Show


Episode 100.

And in celebration, we looked back to our very first review. 

It was pretty awful. Our show has gotten MUCH better since then, so it was time to give this movie the proper commentary it truly deserved.

After two years, we're proud to present, 'The Fall'.



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62 - Take a CHANCE on "Being There"

So we've gotten several requests to cover a Peter Sellers movie, and high on the list has been 'The Party', but truth be told "Brown-face" performances kinda make me a little uncomfortable, so we picked a different Sellers film.

After reviewing 'Harold and Maude' with guest host Daran Norris, we HAD to return to Hal Ashby! The fact that Ashby directed Sellers in his penultimate role sealed the deal.



Direct episode download (170MB)

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