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Entries in film (23)


40 - The Best Movie of 2009 with "Moon" in the Title!

Now normally I'd use this space to give some witty teaser as to what is in this week's episode, but THIS week I would like to express my extreme disappointment that Sam Rockwell did not receive a nomination for his work in this film. It's rare that we get to see a performer of this caliber carry a movie entirely on his or her own, and Rockwell certainly rises to the occasion. This man is LONG overdue for an Academy Award nomination (and can someone post a better picture of him up on IMDB...).

Now with that out of the, let's dig into the 2009 Science Fiction CLASSIC 'Moon'!


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***[UPDATE 02/11/10]***

This episode has already recieved a FANTASTIC response! We've been embedded on a Moon fansite Man Made Movies, and Duncan Jones HIMSELF sent us a shout out on Twitter!


@MYMHM You got it boys! Just watched it! You chaps are HI-LARIOUS! Much love. Two times. Word to your mother.


38 - The Gun Kata Requires 'Equilibrium' and Balance

So we kinda ragged on Christian Bale in our review of Run Lola Run, so to make it up to him (because I'm sure he was very upset about it) we took a look through his catalog to find a movie to talk about.

We also realized that we'd yet to cover a guilty pleasure over the top action flick.


This 2002 flick was the first in a series of films for Bale which would make him a bankable action star, and he doesn't even need to use his Batman voice! Let's take a look at 'Equilibrium'!


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37 - Vampires Aren't Romantic in 'Shadow of the Vampire'

See I like it better when vampires are apex predators not hopeless romantics... Just sayin...

Shadow of the Vampire is an incredibly fun "what if" movie that does a great job of playing with history. Loosely chronicling the events surrounding the filming of the 1922 horror classic 'Nosferatu', Shadow asks "What if the guy playing the vampire REALLY WAS a vampire?" What results is a really touching examination of old versus new, and the creation of one of the most prima-donna actors in the history of cinema.


Direct episode download (170MB)

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We also have to extend a huge thanks to friend and fan Donna D. for suggesting this remarkable film, and keep an eye out for an MYMHM supplemental where we'll take a look at the original Nosferatu!




35 - Help Us Ring in The New Year With 'Noises Off'!


We realized that we wrapped 2009 with a movie titled "hate", and thought we'd start 2010 off on a better note. We could think of few films more joyous than 'Noises Off'.

This romp features an incredible cast, fantastic editing, and some of the best gags seen on screen since 'Airplane'. With Juan, Marie, and Lee having worked in theatre, this film brings out some great memories (some funny, some terrifying), and with Dutch never having done any theatre, she was able to laugh with (and at) us the whole time.


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34 - Wrap up 2009 with 'La Haine'!

Our last episode of THE DECADE!

This movie comes to us as a fan request, and we're glad it did.

This French film ushered in a new era of cinema realism, and it's quite possibly one that we NEVER would've found we're it not for Jodie Foster and The Criterion Collection...


Direct episode download (160MB)


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