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Entries in film noir (7)


150: 90's Dramas Double Feature! "Fearless" and "Insomnia"

150 Episodes!!  YEAH!  And we have a great bonus for you.  Along with our reviews of the two terrific films, we also are asking you to check out our interview with actress, Stephanie Erb, from the movie Fearless for even more insight into the film.

Fearless is yet another movie directed by Peter Weir (what is WITH Lee's obsession with that director?) and it is beautiful, tragic, and funny and it's starring Jeff Bridges!  The DUDE.  

We're also covering the orginal Insomnia, starring Stellan Skarsgard.  It's intense and engaging and we definitely see why they wanted to remake it.

 Check it out.  


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91 - We Hope "Following" Develops a Following...

You know.

It's really not fair.

This is Christopher Nolan's "Friend Film".

It has NO RIGHT being this good...


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67 - Talking About 'Renaissance' with Our Pal Darren

You might not know Darren, but he's been a tremendous supporter of MYMHM, having suggested many films (even evangelizing Battle Royale which we reviewed last week).

When he suggested reviewing a CG animated, Blade Runner style noir, featuring the voice talents of Daniel Craig, we thought "Why not have him on to chat with us". Then we thought "I could really go for a cheese burger...", but then after that we were back to thinking about the movie again.

Please join us for a chat with a really close friend (and another film fanatic), as we talk about a super stylized, animated, crime drama!

Direct episode download (190MB)

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64 - Shhhh... We're Watching 'Rififi'...

Having now covered a couple noir flicks, we thought it was time to cover not only a fantastic noir, but the grand-daddy of ALL heist films.

This 1956 crime drama was banned in many countries because the film's caper was deemed too realistic, and there even was a copycat crime committed after the film's release.

Let's see how well this film has aged...

Direct episode download (190MB)

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63 - Put Down the Mother Effin Coffee and Watch 'Glengarry Glen Ross'

The coffee is for closers...

This film totally belongs in the list of "everyone knows about, but not a lot of people have actually watched it" movies.

With a tight story, noir feel, and incredible cast it surprising this film didn't make a bigger splash...

Direct episode download (180MB)

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