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151: Foreign Action Double Feature! "Elite Squad: The Enemy Within" & "13 Assassins"

It's been way too long since we covered some good old-fashioned action films and FOREIGN action films for that matter.  So that's what we are headed for this week.  I'm SURE these films will take your mind off The Avengers...right?!

Elite Squad: The Enemy Within  is apparently a sequel, but that is something neither Juan nor Lee knew while watching the film and it didn't take away from it one bit.  Hailing from Brazil, this film is about a high-ranking security officer who stumbles upon a group of corrupt cops and government officials.

 13 Assassins is about a group of Samurai (13 of them!) who are brought together to kill an evil lord to prevent him from taking the throne.  

Action, Action, and MORE ACTION!  Check out our reviews! 

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137: Marie's Mix-up Double Feature! "The Cook, The Thief, his Wife and Her Love" & "Delicatessen"

A note from Producer Marie:

Back in college I saw a movie that was so disturbing, so visually mesmerizing, that it stuck with me.  I couldn't, for the life of me, remember the title...or even the plot really.  Just a series of really disturbing images.  So one day I came home and Juan said he had watched Delicatessen.  In my head, I flashed to an image of the Delicatessan movie poster from the Netflix queue.  In that moment I confused it with the disturbing movie I had seen in college and promptly asked him "Why would you do that to yourself?" (I need to point out that I don't think the movie I saw in college was bad, just deeply disturbing-which, since it stuck with me all these years, probably means it's a very good movie).

For awhile we were both confused as to what movie the other had seen.  Then, somewhere else, I saw the correct title of the movie that had haunted me since college.  The Cook, the Thief, his Wife and her Lover was that movie.  Until recently, you couldn't even rent a DVD of it.  Now it's available on some VOD services.  

Because of all this, Juan and Lee decided to cover the two movies I had confused.  Surprisingly, they found some common themes.  Check out their review below:

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130: Soccer Episode! "The Damned United"

Can you think of a GREAT Soccer movie that people missed? (No one missed Bend it Like Beckham).

Well we could only think of one, The Damned United, starring the brilliant Michael Sheen and many other brilliant actors. 

It captures one of the true stories of English Football and does it in a terrific, somewhat non-linear way.  And, yes, even Lee (who thinks Soccer is boring) ended up really liking it...but being Lee, he did have to be snarky about it.  Check out the review below!

Stream Episode 130 in HD on! 

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125: Random Drama Double Feature - 'The Girl in the Cafe' & 'Blackthorn'

Okay, so we admit it.  Neither of these films really has anything to do with the other (other than they both qualify as 'Dramas'), but they were both so terrific, we just had to cover them.

Bill Nighy and Kelly Macdonald teach us about the world (by being adorable!) in 'The Girl in the Cafe,' and we learn what MIGHT have happened to Butch Cassidy in 'Blackthorn.'

Check out our reviews!

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119: It's Finally Juan's Turn - Double Feature! 'The Great Debaters' and 'Bunny and the Bull'

It's been two whole weeks since Juan got to have a say in the flicks we covered!  The wait has been tortuous for him.

Now it's all him, baby!

He picked two film that...pretty much have nothing to do with each other, but are both gems in their own right.  Check out our reviews of "The Great Debaters" and "Bunny and the Bull."

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