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Entries in Halloween (6)


123: HALLOWEEN Episode: Werewolves Double Feature - 'Ginger Snaps' and 'Dog Soldiers'

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!  Okay so it's a few days early, but still! It's the most wonderful time of the year: Candy AND Spooky Movies!

This year's Halloween episode focuses on ...NOT ZOMBIES, NOT VAMPIRES, but the other monster movie staple: WEREWOLVES!

Check out our reviews of 'Dog Soldiers' and 'Ginger Snaps' with special guest Biggelow Bear the Shar Pei! 

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77 - Play Some "FUNNY GAMES" For Halloween

I was kind of shocked. 

Funny Games is the winner of our Freaky Four Halloween Hoe Down. 

We've got some sick, sick fans...

Anywho, lets take a look at this Austrian commentary on violence in media!

Direct episode download (207MB)


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And thanks again to all the fans that suggested films for our poll, and voted! We'll be having another poll soon! Maybe to celebrate the end of our one year moratorium on Lars Von Trier...



75 - Visit the Cemetery Man in Dellamorte Dellamore

Our second film of the Freaky Four Halloween Hoe Down movie reviews for October!

This week we've got a duesenberg of a film for you! Let's do the run down!

Zombies? Check!

Fulci inspired Italian cheesy fun? Check!

Anna Falchi (mega-hottie) nude scene? YUP!

Rupert Everett ??? Uh-huh!

Existential commentary on the nature of love, consumption, and being? Win!


Well on paper, this should be one of the best movies ever made, so let's see if it succeeds the sum of it's parts!

Direct episode download (192MB)

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And don't forget to vote in our Halloween poll! You can help us pick which film we review the week of Halloween!




Freaky Four Halloween Hoe Down Poll!

To help us celebrate this time of year, we're asking for your help!

The entire month of October has been dedicated to reviewing Halloween themed films, but we still don't know what we're going to cover the actual week of Halloween.

We've been asking for your suggestions, and have the list narrowed down to these options.

Remember, we'll review the film that wins, so if it's a total stinker, you only have yourselves to blame!




74 - Dress Up for a Night at "Repo! The Genetic Opera"

We're not huge fans of musicals here, but opera is so much more cultured...

This SURE to be cult classic TANKED at the box office, but is a perfectly appropriate film to kick off our month of Halloween reviews, or as Lee calls it "The Freaky Four Halloween Hoedown".

This movie features an improbable cast, brought together by the producers of SAW, and is no stranger to controversy featuring almost exactly the same plot as the Jude Law 'Repo Men' (which was released two years after Repo!). 

It's also one of the few times we've ever been divided on the show, so lets see who liked it and who didn't...

Direct episode download (208MB)

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