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Entries in historical (13)


143 : More Journalism-Double Feature "The Year of Living Dangerously" & "The China Syndrome"

We had so much fun with the Journalism-Scandal double feature from a couple of weeks ago, we decided to come back to the subject of Journalism.  In this case, we decided to watch two movies that showcase the good it can do.

In "The Year of Living Dangerously" we watch a young, not-yet-scandal-plagued Mel Gibson and a young Sigourney Weaver as journalists covering the turmoil in Indonesia.  AND Linda Hunt is amazing playing man!

In "The China Syndrome" a journalist is trying to show the dangers of Nuclear power, but perhaps the real story is how the Three-Mile Island accident happend just a few weeks after this film opened.

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141:True Newspaper Scandal - Double Feature: "Shattered Glass" & "Fair Game"

Scandal has always sold newspapers, but what if the scandal is what's going on AT the newspaper?  We aren't talking about the current hacking scandal (that film hasn't been made yet), but of scandals from just a few years ago.  

Shattered Glass is the true story of Stephen Glass, the young journalist working for The New Republic, who goes to great lengths to be the star of the newsroom.  Fair Game (not the Cindy Crawford/Billy Baldwin flick) is the true story of Valerie Plame and what happens when her career as a CIA agent is outed in a newspaper article.

Check out our reviews below:


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130: Soccer Episode! "The Damned United"

Can you think of a GREAT Soccer movie that people missed? (No one missed Bend it Like Beckham).

Well we could only think of one, The Damned United, starring the brilliant Michael Sheen and many other brilliant actors. 

It captures one of the true stories of English Football and does it in a terrific, somewhat non-linear way.  And, yes, even Lee (who thinks Soccer is boring) ended up really liking it...but being Lee, he did have to be snarky about it.  Check out the review below!

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119: It's Finally Juan's Turn - Double Feature! 'The Great Debaters' and 'Bunny and the Bull'

It's been two whole weeks since Juan got to have a say in the flicks we covered!  The wait has been tortuous for him.

Now it's all him, baby!

He picked two film that...pretty much have nothing to do with each other, but are both gems in their own right.  Check out our reviews of "The Great Debaters" and "Bunny and the Bull."

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113: Military Classics! - 'Seven Days in May' and 'The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp'

What does it say about our show when Juan picks a classic film from the 1960's in black and white, and Lee picks a film from the 1940's, but makes sure it's in color?

Not only that but they each not only picked a classic film, but a military classic. 

Let's take two very different looks at military service in cinema!

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