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Entries in mockumentary (4)


132: British Aliens - Double Feature! 'Attack the Block' and 'Alien Autopsy'

What's better than two movies about aliens?  Two BRITISH movies about aliens, of course.  Us being us, we couldn't go mainstream for movies about aliens, so we traveled across the pond (well, not really, but we checked out British films) for these two gems.

Attack the Block takes on the genre in what should be a ridiculously silly film, but, being British, makes it a genuinely good film. 

Alien Autopsy is a mockumentary starring Ant and Dec supposedlyAlien Autopsy "footage" that made the rounds in the 90's. 

Check out the review below:

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103 - Political Mockumentaries "Bob Roberts" vs "In The Loop"

I love movies about politics.

I love Mockumentaries. 

Peanut butter and jelly!


Just gearing up to review these films was kind of an awesome double feature, and the combined cast list between both films is sort of staggering.

We proudly present our reviews of "Bob Roberts" and "In the Loop"!


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82 - Lets Delve Into the Pre-Post-Modernism of Tristram Shandy

Take a seat and we'll tell you a tale of one of the most divisive movies ever made.

In a delightfully self-aware manner, 'Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story' is a mockumentary about a rag-tag group of indie film makers attempting to adapt a book which everyone around them claims is unadaptable.

You'll either love it, or hate it, but we loved it, so you have to at least watch our review of it.

So there.


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19 - 'Man Bites Dog' is a KILLER Flick!

For the longest time I thought 'Man Bites Dog' was a French film. Turns out it's Belgian. Shows how continental I am. Anywho, this movie is a true gem, and an incredible achievement in ultra low budget, student film making. Did I mention it's in the Criterion collection?

It's a super dark comedic mockumentary!

Direct video episode download (200MB)
Direct audio episode download (18MB)

This also marks the beginning of our SECOND Last Exit to Nowhere t-shirt giveaways! How can you win? Watch the episode to find out!

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