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Entries in scifi (13)


Prometheus: The Most Gorgeously Produced Film About Intelligent Design That I Never Wanted to See

Sufficed to say, this review will have many spoilers. Please do not read this review if you have not seen the film and are sensitive to plot reveals. You have been warned.

I do not relish giving negative reviews of films, but let’s get this out of the way right now:

I hated Prometheus.

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153: Bad Sci-Fi Double-Feature! "Krull" & "Battle Beyond the Stars"

So, you know how the title of our show really tells you what it's about?  Well, no where in the title do we promise GOOD movies.  Case in point - THIS EPISODE.  Don't worry, we are still recommending these films, but we are celebrating them for their...bad-ness.

"Krull" takes place on another planet and we follow Prince Colwyn as he has to save his princess from a beast.

"Battle Beyond the Stars" is about a planet that when attacked, hires 7 mercenaries to protect it.  And Hannibal from TV's "The A-Team" is in it!!!

Check out our reviews below!

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116: Fan Requests Part Two! - 'The Big Country' and 'Stalker'

And the hits keep coming, folks! Get ready for week TWO of the fan requests. 

This week we bow to peer pressure (via facebook) and finally review a western covering, 'The Big Country.'  Then we'll get a bit...existential and cover something a little different called 'Stalker.'  Check it out. 

And thanks again for the recommendations!

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104 - Celebrate the END of the WORLD with "Last Night" and "The Quiet Earth"

Not as topical as I hoped it would be, but we're really happy that the Rapture didn't seem to get in the way of the world's proper end in 2012. 

So to celebrate our continued existence, let's take a look at two films which end it all.

And neither was produced by Roland Emmerich!


Buy "The Quiet Earth" on DVD!  

Buy "Last Night" on DVD!



99 - We Hope You'll Stay Awake for 'Sleep Dealer'

This review is LONG overdue.

Recommended by Juan's Mom and Grandmother (and mentioned briefly in an episode of The Totally Rad Show a couple years ago), we're finally covering it on the show.

Featuring an interesting perspective on a cyber-post-apocalypse, Alex Rivera's first sci-fi feature is an extremely ambitious venture for its modest budget.

Let's take a look!


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Also stay tuned for the end of this week's episode for a special announcement to our fans, and a rare "face palm" picture of Producer Marie!