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Dissecting Found Footage Films

One of my favorite “genres” of filmmaking, Found Footage Films are proving very successful at the box office. Unfortunately I’m finding that with this success, producers are starting to stray from what made this narrative style popular in the first place. With Paranormal Activity 4 in theaters this weekend, I wanted to take apart this convention to see why it is I’ve come to enjoy it so much.

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Is It Too Early To Start Talking Batman Reboot?

I was a little late to the party, but I managed to finally get my butt in a seat to see The Dark Knight Rises in IMAX and free of any spoilers. That last part required a herculean effort on my part to pretty much avoid almost all media for several days including teasers and trailers. Even NPR tried to hamper my experience of seeing the film untainted, let alone the minefield that is the internet, but I beat them all, and knew almost nothing about the film walking into the theater.

Now the deed is done. I loved it. It was difficult keeping my expectations in check, but I think Nolan has delivered an epicly worthy third act to the Batman saga.

And now it’s time to scrap it and start fresh.

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The Podium - The Perfect Saturday Night Film

The Podium

The Podium is an internet symposium where we give one person the stage to voice an opinion of their's on cinema. Do you agree? Disagree? Comments that agree must include a hearty "HARRUMPH!", and you can show your disagreement with a "RABBLERABBLE COUGH"!

The Perfect Saturday Night Film

by Tom "That Film Guy" Patrick

I am a lucky man.

I live in a house with six people who are all stubborn, egotistical and think they know best. It’s an odd statement, but the facts of the matter are, nothing tests your ability to debate and discuss topics more than having a group of people who will disagree with you on any subject simply because they don’t like to admit you’re right. It’s all fun and mentally stimulating until you reach that rare thing; a quiet Saturday night in. Inevitably the discussion turns to watching a film, and then for the next two hours you are guaranteed to spend discussing which film to watch, with vetoes flying around the place like bullets in a John Woo film...

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MYMHM Mailbag - Why I CONSTANTLY Talk Crap About George Lucas

SO here's the deal.

Not everyone likes it when we get snarky about their favorite film makers. Case in point, Neville got mad about something we said about George Lucas way back in our review of 'Seconds' (episode 13)


This movie was/is epic, but the bashing of George Lucas was not,and is gettingVERY tiresome and wearying. I really don't care what you guys (or anybody else) thinks about him; he made his prequel trilogy, and it was somewhat better the the first one (if you include the cut scenes from movies 2 & 3). Here's a review of the most recent Indiana Jones movie that sums it up:

Saucer Men: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Instead of sounding like a bunch of drones that will listen to and regurgitate what everybody else says about George Lucas, why not read this, and think for yourselves?


Hey Neville,

I've actually read that analysis of Crystal Skull. It's a very astute and articulate deconstruction of all the metaphor employed throughout the film. While I'm sure most of the symbolism used throughout KotCS is intentional, this breakdown gives the film (and film makers) far too much credit.

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Why Can't We Let The Zombie Evolve?

After reviewing The Horde and Dead Snow this week, I got into a fun debate on twitter about the differences between vampires and zombies as dramatic storytelling devices. I’ve always found it curious that for modern audiences, we accept the ever changing evolution of vampires, but “purists” will scoff at “fast” zombies or other derivatives, that somehow vampires have ALWAYS had personalities, and zombies were ALWAYS shambling corpses, even though our “classic” notion of the zombie is actually a fairly recent creation.

A little back story seems to be in order...

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