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129: Guest Host Episode! - Yuri Lowenthal is back with Rec 2

Heeee's Baaack!  Way back in Episode 12 (That's right, more than 100 episodes ago) our pal, actor/filmmaker Yuri Lowenthal, talked with us about the terrifying Spanish film 'REC'.  In that episode he made a promise NOT to watch 'REC 2' until he could watch it with both of us.  Well, we FINALLY worked out our schedules and checked it out.  

Check out our review and discussion of the film with Yuri Lowenthal below!


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Supplemental: Chatting Mythology, Vampires & Zombies with Crispin Freeman!

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with voice actor and mythology scholar Crispin Freeman.

When I found out he wasn't much of a zombie fan, it became mandatory for me to pepper him with questions about villain evolution!

That and I just really like talking about zombies... Like a LOT...  

Join us for an in depth discussion on heroes, villains, and monsters!

Can't thank Crispin enough for joining us, and if you're interested in learning more about voice acting check out Crispin's blog and podcast 'Voice Acting Mastery', and if you're interested in one of Crispin's mythology workshops head over to


105 - ZOMBIES! Dead Snow vs The Horde


And real zombies, not weird existential metaphor zombies or verbal alt-zombies.

Proper, shoot them in the head, undead, eating the living, gore-fest, corpse, survival horror zombies!

I'm excited. You're excited. Let's be excited together.


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It's a funny thing about sound design, the things you hear, the things you don't. The limitations of hearing. We take those things for granted. That our ears tune out background noise. Makes it easy to startle us with a sudden spike or stab of noise. We're all aware of that trick, but the more subtle applications. The attempts at the subliminal. The infrasound that's felt more than heard. We can go even one step further. Bury information in audio that wasn't meant for our ears. Disguise it as something else. Use that technique to circumvent the one watching, the one which prevents us from having this conversation out in the open. Of course a persistance, a fortitude of observation is required. That you're reading this now means you're more observant than most, but are you clever? You've followed this to a defunct blog written four years ago, but you've missed more recent messages, probably taken the message for granted. I'm trying to reward you, but you're not taking the next step.



75 - Visit the Cemetery Man in Dellamorte Dellamore

Our second film of the Freaky Four Halloween Hoe Down movie reviews for October!

This week we've got a duesenberg of a film for you! Let's do the run down!

Zombies? Check!

Fulci inspired Italian cheesy fun? Check!

Anna Falchi (mega-hottie) nude scene? YUP!

Rupert Everett ??? Uh-huh!

Existential commentary on the nature of love, consumption, and being? Win!


Well on paper, this should be one of the best movies ever made, so let's see if it succeeds the sum of it's parts!

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69 - You Should Be A Little Concerned That 'They Came Back'...


We almost thought about covering Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure just for kicks, but instead decided to give you the NEXT BEST THING!

Existential commentary in the guise of a French zombie movie! Yeah!

Ever since we reviewed Pontypool, we've been on the lookout for even STRANGER zombie flicks, and I think we've FINALLY found one!

So sit back, relax, and try not to let the atmosphere freak you out TOO much...

Direct episode download (180MB)

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