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Movies You May Have Missed has been nominated for a 2009 People's Choice Podcast Award under the "Best Movie/Film Podcast" category!

- Podcast Awards: The People's Choice


"Clearly, Juan and Lee are well-spoken and inject passionate commentary while being able to play well off one another ... Movies You May Have Missed is simple, time sensitive, and delivers persuading reasons why listeners should stop and take the time to watch a movie they otherwise would have missed."

- Daniel & Jana: Edgy Podcast Reviews


"It's a fun show for movie geeks who like to engage in a lively discussion or two about film. We had so much fun and I really think that shows on camera in both the interview and on MYMHM's show. I wish every set was like that."

- Kristyn Burtt: The Web Files

Lee & Juan Interviewed by Kristyn for The Web Files


"I personally find their reviews very insightful and entertaining. Bringing up valid points about styles of movie making, cinematography and originality; thereby enriching the movie experience, and worth being watched. Some of the movies they review, you may not be into. May not be your type of genre… But with the detailed and honest reviews, I would safely guess, the odds are high that you will 1) Enjoy the pod casts, and 2) Check out the reviewed movies."

- Jeff Elwell: Web Series 2 Watch


"I guess everything you need to know is right there in the title ... MYMHM is not your typical movie review show, the analysis airs towards the erudite and at times they seem to over analyze things; however, if you enjoy movies beyond the latest Michael Bay explode-o-fest the show is definitely worth checking out."

- Mathieas: Lonely Girl 15 Today